Winter Referral Letter

Solution Source Team,

Thank you so much for partnering with us on this crazy adventure of building our dream home! We wanted honest and direct, and that’s what we got from the very beginning from the top down. Building a 100% custom build in a pandemic could have really set us up for failure, but it all worked out. We very much appreciate your kindness throughout the process and willingness to adjust and get creative with all those involved to help make the process go as smooth as it could. Thank you for helping us navigate through so many options, decision after decision, timetables of available materials through COVID, county officials, and the local utility departments. My wife and I toiled over which builder we were going to use before getting introduced to Solution Source. We’re thrilled that this partnership was formed and have no regrets about jumping headfirst into this project with the Solution Source Team.

You continue to be my only GC that I refer to all my clients and friends, and I will continue to do so. Thank you again for partnering with my family in building our dream home. We’re already making wonderful memories!

All Our Best!
The Winter Family